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Answers to your frequently asked questions about the MySalesResults Sales Management System for insurance agencies.

Q: Is MySalesResults a software product that needs to be installed?

A: No.  MySalesResults is a cloud-based solution that is accessible anywhere with an internet connection.  There is no software to install or maintain. Because the system is in the cloud, you can use the system on a variety of mobile devices including the iPad and most smart phones.


Q: How long does it take to implement MySalesResults at our agency?

A: Because MySalesResults is customized for insurance agencies and it is a web based system you can “take it right out of the cloud” and begin to use it.  The program can be fully implemented in an agency within a matter of a couple of weeks.  Training and implementation assistance are included because we want to make sure you take advantage of the system to its fullest.


Q: Am I able to customize the system?

A:  Being that MySalesResults is designed exclusively for insurance agencies, the terminology within the program is already tuned towards how you do business.  Minimal customization is needed.


Q: Is MySalesResults considered a CRM?

A: No.  MySalesResults is a sales management system designed for insurance agents, by insurance agents.  The system was built specifically for producers and is easy-to-use, without the non-sales related features of a typical CRM system.  MySalesResults reduces the clutter and complexity of a traditional CRM which typically causes producers to not use them.


Q: Does MySalesResults integrate with my agency management system?

A:  MySalesResults is designed to be the “producer’s tool” and to work complimentary to the agency management system.  We recommend keeping producers out of the management system and focused on selling and serving clients.  Most full-time producers generally do not utilize the agency management system.


Q: How secure is my information within the system?

A: MySalesResults uses SSL encryption to meet or exceed industry standard data access and encryption policies. Application access is restricted by strong username and password authentication. The application automatically creates a secure communication channel from the application web servers via internet secure HTTPS encryption protocols to a user's browser ensuring safe secure data transmission across the internet and internal networks. Company data is only available to users belonging to users assigned to a specific company. Data is further protected within each company by specific roles which each user is assigned. Data is backed up and encrypted daily and stored off site in secure server farms.


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or need support?

A: As a MySalesResults customer, you are assigned a dedicated account manager that is accessible via email or phone.  We also have a tech support team if you ever need additional assistance.


Q: How do we get trained to use MySalesResults?

A: Training is included with MySalesResults and your agency will be trained via live online training sessions.  Additionally, training videos are available on-demand within the MySalesResults system.


Q: What size agency is MySalesResults ideal for?

A:  MySalesResults works best in agencies that have 5 or more producers and someone in a sales manager role. However, agencies with fewer producers have had great success with MySalesResults as well.

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